SNP take over Labour Opposition Front Benches

SNP take over Labour Opposition Front Benches

On the last day of House of Commons business before the Summer Recess, after voting on the second reading of the 2015 Finance Bill, SNP Members occupied the benches of the Official Opposition, ie of the Labour Party. Pete Wishart, MP for the Perth & North Perthshire, had asked the Speaker the previous day if he could help them by rearranging the furniture in the House. Today the SNP took matters into their own hands and simply sat down in the Labour benches when returning after the voting division. Angus MacNeil, MP for the Western Isles, raises a further point of order on the matter 🙂

This clip begins with a Point of Order from Nic Dakin, Labour MP, drawing attention to the motion just that minute passed in the Other Place (House of Lords) to reject the Tory proposal for EVEL (English Votes for English Laws) and instead to set up a cross party committee to discuss the whole issue.

Then comes Angus MacNeill’s intervention surrounded by SNP colleagues on the Labour benches. You get the impression that the Speaker, John Bercow, rather likes the SNP high jinks!

If you’re not seeing any video link on this page, I guess that’s because you’re using iOS which doesn’t play Flash media. It’s exasperating, I know. You can use an app to enable you to see Flash. But in the meantime, this link will take you to the Parliamentlive website and you can view the extract there . 🙂

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