Introduction to Philosophy MOOC

Introduction to Philosophy

I went to Edinburgh University so this was kinda like going back there! I’ve read a bit about Western Philosophy but never studied it properly. This was interesting: Hume (Edinburgh’s own philosopher) and Kant and some others. But not sure if it persuaded me away from my view that philosophers really need to do some actual data-gathering rather than just sitting behind their desk and making theories up! You can look at the syllabus here. And here is one of the course tutors giving an introduction:


It was the first MOOC that I’d done. And I didn’t join in the discussion forum. I did skim the various posts but didn’t find them very helpful. Often the people posting seemed to be using them to show off. Hmm, I’m not beyond showing off myself so maybe I was just a bit too shy to join in with them!

Here’s one of the things we thought about …

IntriPhil Gettier

It was six weeks. Half a dozen short videos each week. A weekly quiz. No project! My first certificate of accomplishment!
IntroPhil cert


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