35 SNP MPs Claim Just £80,000 in Total over a Year? Aye Right!

This was posted in Yes Scotland’s Future on 11 July. C’mon !! Do some arithmetic, guys.. That would mean 35 hard-working MPs claimed on average about £2300 each for a year’s worth of travelling up and down between Scotland and Westminster plus their rent in London, plus their staff wages….. Nah. It’s definitely rubbish. 

Where do these thing come from? Why make them up, and so stupidly ? And why, oh why, share them?  And tag Ruth Davidson too, for goodness sake, you’re just handing over evidence of your own daftness and inability to count!




And then of course folk start repeating this guff on other websites. Wee Ginger Dug does some fantastic blogging and he’s not responsible for the comments that folk write on his blog, like this one:


The Truth is Out There and It's Not Hard To Find, FFS!

Just look up Hansard for MP’s expenses. Or use the MPs Expenses website. If you do you’ll be able to build up this graph. It’s called evidence.

So far from 35 SNP MPs claiming £80,000 in total over 12 months in fact each SNP MP claimed about £65,000 making a total of £2,274,161 over 12 months. And in fact SNP MPs claimed more on average than other Parties.. Not surprising that LibDem and SNP claimed more they have the furthest flung and largest constituencies to cover.

The costs include travel, staff and office costs in their constituency and at Westminster, accommodation in London. Here’s my MP’s expenses claim:

Just because someone posts something on Facebook doesn't mean it's true...

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