Best Way to Fight Climate Change

I have been finding it increasingly hard to read the news about climate change and about the ways in which vested interests – including the US President – keep the ball of disinformation, half truths, and lies rolling around the news desks and the lobbyists. While that ball rolls, their bank balances increase and their company accounts carrying on showing a profit.

But avoidance of the subject isn’t a very good strategy. It only covers up underlying array of feelings: anger, helplessness, and even despondency. So I decided I need to look for climate information that looks at how to deal with those sorts of emotions.

I’ve been a fan of Katherine Heyhoe for some time. In this TEDWomen talk from November last year she outlines what she thinks is the most important thing you can do to fight climate change: talk about it. The transcript of her talk is included below the video if you want to check out any of the details

You will find a transcript of her talk below the video if you want to check anything.


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