Isle of May, Firth of Forth

The Isle of May is a sea bird reserve at the mouth of the Firth of Forth. You can visit it on the “May Princess” though be sure to book ahead. The boat takes about 50 people over each day, the sailing times depend on the tides. Once there you just stroll round at your leisure! There’s a new visitor centre with some info about the birds and the work of the wardens. But the delight is just to walk – keeping to the footpaths to void puffin burrows and other nest sites – round the cliffs and bays. Have a picnic on the cliff top and watch puffins. There’s also a Stevenson Lighthouse to admire.

The only ‘danger’ are the marauding terns whose nesting site is very close to the east quay where the boat comes in. Can’t blame them really but be prepared to protect your head as you walk the first 100m up from the quay. Their beaks are very pointed and their aim is very good!!

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