Sailing: Muck to Ulva

Day three of our sailing holiday, we set sail from Port Mhor on Muck and head southwest towards the Treshnish Isles, then southeast into the Island of Ulva. I hadn’t even heard of it before. It’s off the western side of Mull.

What a difference a day makes to the weather!

There’s a couple of typos in the video titles. It should say the Island of Gometra. And the basalts of all these islands is Tertiary, about 60 million years old, not Triassic which would have made them 200 million!


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  • Never heard of Ulva? You obviouly did not learn or read the poem ‘Lord Ullin’ at school! The ‘chief of Ulva’s isle’ is one of the main characters. The poem was set to music by Hamish MacCunn.


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