Feeling Gratitude Makes You Happier..

I’ve been following the Science of Happiness MOOC run by UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Centre. There are currently over 66,000 people signed up for it. It runs as a self-paced course and it’s jam-packed with fascinating videos and talks. There are also quizzes for each topic and even two exams so it’s challenging too.  You can just watch the videos without doing any of the quizzes or exams if you want to, so don’t let the word ‘exam’ put you off.

This video is on the theme of gratitude. It’s not part of the MOOC course per se but it gives an immediate sense of the possibilities of actions based on their work. I’ve taken part exercises like this in workshops where we’ve worked in pairs exploring gratitude – but we didn’t go on to do what these folks were given the opportunity of!



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