Turn Down The Heat

A few years back I took part in “Turn down the Heat” a four week MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on the Coursera website. It was run by the World Bank.

My Project


The way the course works, each project is peer reviewed by at least three of the other participants This is my feed back for the video.

peer 1 → Outstanding work. So exciting to see what is happening in Scotland. The report was clear, well researched/documented, and inspirational. I learned a great deal (and was unaware of the tidal power in Scotland). I can’t think of a thing to change.

peer 2 → The key strength of this exercise shows an activity such as solar panels within a community and how it can be used. I think overall the student performed well trying to create a catchy and useful way how solar power could be used however, it would be nice if they put more policy in their slides in terms of adaptation and mitigation.

peer 3 → Great job with the video. I’m evaluating this just with 4 minutes to go before the peer evaluation phase closes down. Hope you get a ‘pass’, because you’re worth it, as they say in the adverts!

This is the playlist of videos from the course:

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