Corona Diaries Pt5: Learnt any Musical Instruments during Lockdown?

The latest in my Corona Diaries series was broadcast this week. It’s called: Learnt any Musical Instruments during Lockdown? The episode is about what pastimes people have taken up, or in my case, retaken up over the past couple of months. And also about the ways we are adjusting to use online services to help us whether that’s Skype, Zoom, etc.

You can listen here:

I’ve taken my fiddle and my saxophone out of their boxes and am trying to

  • get my fiddle playing back up to speed for Scottish dancing tempos. At full speed, I can play the notes just not in the right order!
  • try to remember how to play a note on the saxophone. Any note would do. Well I’m not as bad as that but unlike the fiddle, which I learnt from age 10, I only had a couple of years saxophone lessons and that was five years ago. It’s embouchure, very tricky!

Here’s one way in which some of us have been playing ‘together’ using new tech. I’m at the right, bottom row. We’re playing a slow air called “Flower of Portencross”.

Hope you enjoy the programme! You can listen to the complete Corona Diaries series here:

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