BBC Weather Maps of UK

BBC Weather Maps of UK

Those of us who live in Scotland have become increasingly worried about the way in which Scotland is shrinking. What could be causing it?

  • Global warming perhaps? 
  • Has the earth titled on its axis recently?
  • Are the Russians the culprits? 
  • Could it be the BBC a fault? Surely not. 

To see what I mean, here is a photo – a photo, not a map – of the UK taken from the ISS, the  (International Space Station)


View from the window of the International Space Station

And here is a BBC weather map of the UK. Sorry Ireland, I took you out of the picture just to keep things simple.

BBC map which I’ve simplified by deleting Ireland…


And here they are again superimposed. I’ve kept the BBC map in its original proportions but aligned it so that it completely matches ISS photo of the south coast of England.

ISS & BBC comparison

As the Broons would say, Michty Me!! the BBC’s Orkney islands are only as far north as Crieff!! Now I know that BBC show maps that include an allowance for the curvature of the earth which means they have a fore-shortening effect as you look north. But crivens, the curvature effect isn’t as big as this.

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