Nicola Has Lost Interest in Independence? Aye, Right.

This is a blog post I wrote for IndyLive Radio. But they have separated from IndependenceLive Media and are going their own way. I’m no longer a presenter with ILR. I’m making video-casts for IndependenceLive Media and podcasts for IndyLive Podcasters. If you’d like to know more about the background to all that read about here A Look Back at IndyLive Radio and here Podcasters R Us I’m transferring some of my blog posts from ILR over to my own website.

You only need to be on social media for a few minutes to find tweets and posts expressing frustration at the lack of action on independence. Some people even think the First Minister isn’t interested in independence any more. The Indy social media bubble is loud, active, and opinionated (I include myself in that). But it isn’t a large number of people out of the Scottish voters’ roll.

Personally I think it takes a brave women to accept an invitation to speak on the subject of what progress has been made since the Holyrood election. Fortunately we have one – Lesley Riddoch. She met up online with the Yes West Fife folk to talk about it.

Lesley Riddoch isn’t slow at criticising ScotGov, SNP etc when she thinks they merit criticism. She also gives them credit where credit is due. And she does both in this meeting.

You can listen in here:

Some of her points and some of the questions she was asked:

  • Polling
  • How Scotland is perceived in the EU now
  • Labour is tanking in England, lack of a progressive alternative in Westminster
  • Alba, Green, SNP splits…. but remember splits are normal politics in Europe. Parties work together.
  • Need for a new case for Indy, that’s Mike Russell’s job now.
  • Timing for IndyRef2
  • Impatience to get out campaigning

Her closing remark?

It’s our job to get an Indy champion out on every street corner – that’s our dance space!

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