Election Campaign. Campaign Countdown. 4th July Vote for independence

Election Campaign – Day 3

And we’re off …… election campaign countdown

And being one of the IndyPodcasters, I’m suddenly finding myself even busier than usual. We’ll be doing regular videocasts following the election campaigns. It’s still only Day 3 but there’s a lot to say.

I was out today leafletting for my MP, Carol Monaghan. It was dry , then it was spitting rain, and then it became a steady drizzle… by time I got back home – not far, we were in my local area – I was a bit drookit. I was also hot. But I’d passed my daily step target.

As a friend said when she saw this photo : You’ve been Sunak’d!

Election Campaign. A drookit leafleter. Campaign Countdown

Just last week Mr Sunak was giving a speech in which he labelled Scottish Nationalists as extremists. But then just days later the official transcript of his speech had no mention of us rogue extremists! Read about how he cancelled himself.

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