At the Governor General’s Glasgow HQ…

The People

Greater Glasgow Pensioners for Indy Group are a stalwart bunch. I’m a member of the group too. But the core gang – not me – out on their campaign stalls twice a week in the city centre in Argyll St, and every fortnight in Milngavie. But in March they came up with a different sort of action : a demonstration outside the UK Government in Scotland’s Glasgow Hub in Atlantic Square, Glasgow, G2 8JQ.

The Plan

On behalf of Scottish Independence Podcast team I arranged a chat with Mary McCabe to find out more about how the demo came about and why they were doing it. We were amused to discover that the video was banned by TikTok. The only reason we can think of was that TikTok considered we were encouraging a pensioners’ insurrection 🤣. YouTube must be used to insurrections as they were happy to host us. Here it is:

The UKGov Glasgow Hub

The Hub is a substantial office building housing several thousand employees and known – in Indy circles – as Governor General Alister Jack’s Glasgow HQ. He has another one over in Edinburgh.

The Demo

Everyone was welcome to join them. And we Glasgow folk were really pleased with the turnout and that people came up from Dumfries & Galloway, over from Edinburgh, Fife and Hamilton. We got toots from passing traffic. The Polis even showed up and chatted to us!

I took some photos. Click on the image to watch….

Find out more about the Pensioners for Independence network.

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