🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland – An Impressive 8%

For a while now Prof John Robertson has been highlighting how well Scotland does with just 8% of the UK population. I’ve taken the info from his blog Talking Up Scotland and put it together here with the help of Datawrapper.

Sources: The raw data for most of these pie charts are from the list of posts in this link to Talking Up Scotland/8%

I have also produced individual comparisons too. And they show the original source for the each set of data. Enjoy!

Or if you just want a nice poster for your wall….. and maybe I could get a dishtowel made too!


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  • All these facts and figures, just show what I knew about Scotland, already!! It would be great if they shared these pye charts, throughout, ALL educational sectors in scotland. Then send copies, to be pinned, on the staff room boards, in every corporate business down to the factory floors. Of every Scottish constituency.

  • Good news for our percentages, but, also misleading for rUK. For example, look at the living wage chart. The blue bit shows 28% Scottish employers pay the living wage. The red bit shows 72%. Looks as if 72% of rUK employers pay the living wage. We know they don’t. The same with affordable houses 12 against 88. Since when does rUK build affordable housing? Sorry, is it me?

    • Hi, Thanks for your comment. It’s helpful to see when a graphic isn’t as clear as it could be.

      What I’m showing in these graphics isn’t quite what you’re thinking though. It’s not that 28% of Scottish employers pay the living wage. It’s that of those UK employers who do pay the living wage, 28% of them are in Scotland. So in the case of living wage employers, that’s over three times what you’d expect from the 8% Scottish population in the UK.

      Same with the other graphics. I’m always comparing the 8% Scottish population in the UK with the % of UK teachers, police, doctors, etc, etc who are based in Scotland. Hope that helps.

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