The Corona Diaries – Part1 Covid Finds the Perfect Host

Soon after we went into lockdown I thought it would be a good idea to keep a diary…. and that has morphed into a podcast. Called the Corona Diaries. Prat1 is my thoughts about being a potential Covid19 host. I’d be perfect as a host. So would you…

We’re a species which moves rapidly around the planet and the virus will move with us. ✅

It does kill some of us, but it’s not an out and out killer. Most of us won’t die. We’ll just keep on with our normal lives, going out, meeting other people… ✅

We’ll be spreading it around before we have any symptoms. Again good news for the virus. ✅

Some of us won’t ever know we’ve got the virus. That’s even handier for spreading it around as we won’t have taken any precautions. ✅

First broadcast by Indylive Radio on 20March2020

The first time I went out for a walk after the formal lockdown began, I came across the discarded bottle of Corona beer at the top fo this page. somehow it seemed prophetic. Eight weeks later, this is where the UK has ended up :

Infographic: Coronavirus cases in the UK | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

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