Corona Diaries Pt2: Getting in the Messages

Part 2 of these podcasts is about getting in the messages. If you’re Scottish you’ll know that this is about getting your household shopping done. If you’re not Scottish, well, that’s a shame 🤣

My husband and I were in Oxford for a week at the beginning of March, before the pandemic really got underway and when no-one thought anything of driving 360 miles to visit their daughter, go out for meals and wander around a city. However things had begun to change when we returned home. We looked online to get a grocery order booked and found there were no free bookings until well into April. Actually there were no bookings at all, just that the website didn’t show any slots at all after then.

We lurked online at midnight waiting for the next day’s slots to appear but when they did they were already booked up. A mystery. Eventually I found a slot with a different supermarket than our usual one but it wasn’t for a fortnight. We realised we were going to have to go shopping ourselves. Just when the epidemic was taking off and with both of us in the 70+ bracket that was being encouraged by ScotGov to stay at home. Our local supermarket then announced that they would keep the first hour of shopping for elderly and disabled customers, Next day, we were waiting in the car park at 8am. A first for us. Here’s the rest of the story:

First broadcast on IndyLive Radio on 30March2020.

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