Photo Flaneuse 3: Branklyn Gardens

Branklyn Garden is a wee gem of a place. It’s within the Perth City boundary on the north side of the River Tay  and is run by National Trust for Scotland. No doubt when its creators bought the land  in 1922 the road running alongside one boundary  carried much less traffic than it does now. But even so, it’s a beautiful spot and even if there is some traffic noise it’s muffled and not visible over the high fencing and trees that edge the garden itself. It’s not a big garden. It was an overgrown orchard 1922. But it’s jam-packed with an incredible variety of trees, shrubs and flowers.

Back in 1922, the new owners were Dorothy and John Renton who wanted the land to build themselves a house and make a garden. Dorothy looked after the botanical side of things and John designed the garden. They lived there and their garden thrived. After their deaths in late 1960s, it was taken over by the National Trust for Scotland. More information  here.

I’ve been here three times but never in May when I’d been told it is at its best so we drove up on Sunday afternoon. The rhododendrons and azaleas are in full bloom. The Himalayan poppies were delicately nodding their heads under the weight of raindrops. The lilies were showing themselves above the surface of the water. Newts swam around the pond before hiding under the lily leaves.

The cafe was open. It hasn’t been on my previous visits. So we strolled round the garden, stopped for a coffee, scone and jam, had another stroll and then bought some plants. And took a lot of photos.

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