Scottish Labour’s Video Can’t Even Keep Scotland the Brand 🤣

Scottish Labour have a new video out where Richard Leonard attempts to inspire us with what they will do for Scotland. Not surprisingly someone wanted the video to include some lovely mountain scenes. But then the numpties showed a lovely view of : Tryfan. Now Tryfan is a beautiful mountain but it’s in Snowdonia. It’s not as if we don’t have plenty of mountains to choose from in Scotland!

Still from Scottish Labour video with Richard Leonard’s commentary

It wasn’t long before the Scottish Yes Movement had cottoned on and were tweeting about it:

Then our Richard talks about the different communities in Scotland working tougher… Great stuff, who could object, eh? In fact, UK Labour have a video which takes a very similar line:

Still from UK Labour Party video

So we have two videos, one from Scottish Labour and one from UK Labour. If you compare both videos what you notice is:

  • They use pretty much the same script except that in the Scottish one, it’s Richard Leonard speaking and there’s some footage of him walking through streets in what are presumably Scottish towns.
  • Despite adding in the Leonard footage, the videos are exactly the same length. This means that some other footage has been taken out.
  • So far I’ve spotted these omissions from the Scottish version: Jeremy Corbyn (😆 obviously not thought to be helpful in Scotland); Oxford University Labour Club students (cos, aye, that would have been a dead giveaway!) ; a shot of a Labour leaflet saying “Save Shotley’s Services”, Shotley is in Suffolk; and a ferry chugging across the Mersey!
  • I’ve also spotted one other addition to the Scottish Labour version: a couple of seconds of Glasgow Central Station’s Highlandman’s Umbrella.
  • Apart from those additions and omissions, the videos use the same bits of footage but in a slightly different running order.
  • Leonard finishes saying “We we will rebuild Scotland” compared to the other version’s “We will rebuild Britain”

Now to be fair, I’m sure it’s expensive to create a video and it’s no surprise that a video which describes itself as Labour’s vision for Scotland might nonetheless use some footage from a Labour video aimed at UK. And they have done that, shots of Edinburgh appear in both videos.

But one of the Scottish communities our Richard talks about, and which also appears in the UK Labour video, and is actually in Southall, London.

It’s embarrassing is it not? No, not for those of us who gave up on Labour years ago. To us it’s a right good laugh. 😂 😅 I haven’t posted the actual videos here. Why spread disinformation.

You might be thinking that disinformation is too strong and actually this is just a bit of money-saving by SLAB by ineptly piggy-backing on UK Labour’s efforts. No. It’s not just inept disinformation it’s deliberate. Because the UK video shows a UK Labour sticker on someone’s jacket, and the Scottish version has a Scottish Labour sticker on someone’s jacket. But it’s the same jacket. Whoever was shooting the footage knew damn fine they were shooting footage for both videos.

But if you want to have a look yourself, this is the link to the Scottish Labour video and this is the UK Labour one.

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